iamafighter.com Pre-Rolls

These are video pre-rolls that I made for iamafighter.com for use in their social media efforts.

I did these pre-rolls for iamafighter.com pro bono.  They are an online community that I really believe in and the pre-roll for their youtube videos was nothing more than their logo without enough whitespace around it.  I did not create the original logo, but fortunately the designer provided the company with Illustrator files and a style guide for its intended usage.
The first of these three pre-rolls is a 0:15 spot that transitions through the colors used in their logo.  This might also be a good post-roll as it would leave ample time to add a subscribe button on YouTube, although the excessive motion might detract from the 'subscribe' message.
The second preroll is only 0:05 long, and blooms from a single color spot into the iamafighter.com logo.  The use of the bloom motion was used to show the connection of the community and the different parts within it coming together for mutual support.
The third pre-roll is also only a 0:05 piece, designed to show the separate colors all converging into the iamafighter.com logo.  The lead in of the colors separate and then congregating together was meant to show the interaction in the community between normally separated groups being the focus of the website.
A big thanks to iamafighter.com for letting me feature these videos in my online portfolio.
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